“The shortest distance between two people is a story.” – Unknown

There is something particular about the current state of the world that makes us yearn for closeness.

Right now, in many places where I look, I see disagreements: I see people debating politics and values, disputing statistics and data, fighting over policies and approach, and arguing about the meaning of justice and equality. Sometimes it feels as if we cannot agree on any common truth: we don’t agree on climate change; we don’t agree on unemployment figures; we don’t even agree that the government should pass a budget. Nothing is a sacred truth anymore.

Nothing except for stories, as told by the people who experienced them.

You can disagree with my opinions or my beliefs, but you can’t disagree with my story.

The thing about disagreements is that they tend to be emphasized in our brains and they make us look past our common humanity and amplify our differences.

That’s why the shortest distance between two people is a story.

We all have stories. Each one of us has taken a unique journey to get to where we are today, and each one of us is on a path to a tomorrow. These journeys are filled with stories. I listen to people’s stories through conversations with them and use this space to share those nourishing conversations with you. Each individual story is part of the larger story of our humanity, which makes up our collective journey as a people.

Your humanity is intertwined with mine, and that is why this journey is ours.

Creator of This Journey is Ours

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